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Discover Born to Hunt, Michel Pellerin and Stéphane Modat, our supporters who represent the spirit of ORIZON.
Passionate about hunting and fishing, Miguel Bélisle, Éric Lacelle, and brothers Éric and Martin Marion

Born to Hunt

Since being declared the winning team on WildTV’s The Search in July 2014, they’ve
been multiplying their hunting and fishing trips around the world to get their hands on spectacular footage and share their passion through the small screen. Their adventures can be found on TVA Sport, Sportsman Channel ca, Carbon tv, and Zone 300.
Although hunting and fishing represent a way of life for them, the team’s main mission remains to share their precious heritage and democratize the universe.
Wearing vêtements Orizon allows the members of the Born to Hunt team to enjoy their time outdoors in total comfort. They particularly appreciate the fact that these products are traditionally made local.

Orizon clothing fits in with my lifestyle. I appreciate their design and the quality of the materials they’re made of. They allow me to enjoy cold autumn and winter evenings around a campfire.

Éric Marion, co-owner of Born to Hunt
When art meets music

Michel Pellerin

Luthier for over 25 years, Michel Pellerin builds exceptional guitars sold all over the world.
He puts his heart and soul into creating a unique instrument every time. He has a unique ability to hear the wood vibrate even before the guitar is made.
He uses top-of-the-range materials, carefully selected and assembled by hand. Design, fit, resonance - everything must be in perfect harmony. This expertise gives Pellerin guitars a world-class sound.
As anyone who owns a Pellerin guitar knows this is no ordinary instrument: it's an extension of the body and mind. A pure gem, and above all, a phenomenal experience from start to finish.
Michel Pellerin's passion, rigor, quest for excellence, respect and appreciation of what nature has to offer make him the perfect ambassador for Orizon .

For me, putting on an Orizon garment means immersing myself in something unique. The materials are of exceptional quality and the comfort is incredible.

Michel Pellerin
Promote local products

Stéphane Modat

Originally from the south of France, Stéphane Modat has been established in Quebec for over 20 years!
After 8 years at the helm of the kitchens at the Château Frontenac, he recently opened his own restaurant, Le Clan, right in the heart of Old Québec! Here, he works with local products, with a particular focus on producers and artisans!
He's inspired by his visits to the First Nations of Nunavik, James Bay and the Lower North Shore!
Their techniques, products and knowledge of the territory fascinate him.
An avid hunter and fisherman, he is the author of the books Cuisine de Chasse and Cuisine de Pêche , published by La Presse.
Stéphane Modat attention to detail, his ability to showcase local ingredients, and the human dimension he brings to his culinary creations make him a perfect ambassador for Orizon .

The exceptional products that Orizon clothing represents perfectly match the value I advocate: the use of noble local products and local manufacturing!

Stéphane Modat