Les Vêtements Orizon | Vêtements en fibres naturelles

 Orizon is the reflection of Canadian nature - the deep roots of forests, cascading rivers, majestic mountains and the crisp fresh air of autumn mornings.

The Canadian nature has inspired us to create comfortable clothing with a distinctive and timeless style, made from alpaca, merino, pure new wool, and other noble fibers.

The DNA of Orizon

Gaspésie, where nature rules, the river flourishes, and the rocks are steeped in history.

Originally from this magnificent region of Eastern Quebec, we are both passionate about adventure and the outdoors. We have designed clothing that is perfect for our needs and for all those who want to wrap themselves in softness and enjoy what Canadian nature has to offer.


Our mission

 Designing the finest clothes from natural or recycled fibers, handcrafted whith respect for tradition. These garments will delight outdoor enthusiasts as much as those who wish to distinguish themselves by proudly wearing a piece of Canadian heritage.

- Nathalie and Tony